Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for hip replacements. Nano-mechanical studies of biosystems with atomic force microscopy

Blood flow imaging / modelling

Imaging with ultrasound and particle image velocimetry. Modelling of blood flow with fluid dynamics simulations.

Magnetic resonance imaging

High resolution brain and body imaging. Extending MRI to chemical imaging and blood velocity measurement.


Miniature implant for controlled drug release. Also biosensing, microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip applications.

Optical coherence tomography

Interferometric technique to collect micrometer resolution 3D images within biological tissue without labelling agents.

Optical microscopy / spectroscopy

High speed chemical microscopy (CARS) of live cells. Tip-enhanced optical microscopy for 10nm resolution chemical imaging.

Stem cell engineering

Monitoring and directing the development of stem cells. Deriving liver cells for liver tissue on microstructured scaffolds for transplants.

Synthetic biology

Applying engineering principles to genetic modification. Using multiple modifications to bacteria to achieve complex functions.

Ultrasound imaging

Development of contrast agents for high frequency body imaging. Doppler imaging to measure blood velocity.